Edit default Urho Cmake file to include another library?


I want to include the use of GNU Octave in my Urho application. I found this for compiling it for standalone programs, but it uses a different command to build those files. How do I incorporate that into Urho’s build system (what to edit, what to put in, etc.), or at the very least, can someone point me in the right direction?

You can build Urho seperately from your project.
As an example: I use cmake to build Urho, but qmake to build the software I use the engine for.

Right, but how do i link the .o files from my urho application with the .o files from the Octave part? What command can i use?

You won’t link the object files, you’ll link your precompiled octave static/dynamic library (plus the 100+ GNU dependencies it probably has) and specify the header paths for it.

Ideally you just port the makefiles over to CMake, but it’s a GNU project so that’s a pipe-dream.