Editor and FPS

Urho3D editor show in FRAPS ~250 fps stable

Blender3D editor show ~0-5 fps if i do nothing
and when i quick rotate scene or move 3d object
fps is up to 60 fps (may be limit in blender)

In Godot engine editor FPS also how in Blender.
Only limit ~20 fps.

When i work in Urho3D editor my hardware do big work (always)
It may be necessary to revise the method of updating in editor?

There is a branch for lazy render by hd_:


However the UI code becomes a bit dirty, as it’s checking for any changes and forcing a render in that case.

I think, this is target of branch:
“Initial lazy rendering for GUI applications – attempt to only render?
? when the UI is updated, or when otherwise told by a call to Renderer::SetRenderFrame.”

It is also possible to do this by using Render-To-Texture. Scorvi’s C++ Editor does this, and by extension my branch also does this (though not by default, the option is there). It should be possible to implement in Angelscript as well.

I’ve just added “engine.maxFps = 60;” into editor.as , sure, not as efficent as blender’s 0-5, but at least my GPU fan won’t buzz like it is about to takeoff.

I got the same effect as a FPS in Blender.
When I tested the one game engine,
if the application window is not in focus - all the contents of the window
is updated only when cursor is moved over.
When the cursor does not move anything not updated (including animation, particle effects, etc.)
FPS - from 0 to the limit.