Editor.sh mouse cursor position issue for mac retina

When I run Editor.sh on mac (latest OS) with retina, apparently there is a bug about mouse cursor position. I believe the editor interprets the mouse position to be (x/2, y/2) while the real mouse cursor is showing at (x, y). For this reason, I cannot click anything under the mouse cursor, but have to move the mouse cursor to a different place. Also I cannot click anything > (width/2, height/2) on the screen.

Any quick solution?

I vaguely remember I used Editor.sh once sometime ago (probably one year ago). I don’t recall any issue like this. So maybe new issue after updating OS?

Also, why it automatically uses fullscreen when running Editor.sh? anyway to run it for window mode?

Editor.sh essentially does Urho3DPlayer <script> <options> and details are found in Running Urho3D player application (windowed: ‘-w’).

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We fixed this not long ago. Are you using the latest version of the engine? https://github.com/urho3d/Urho3D/pull/2678

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Had same problem until some time ago, but was then fixed. Be sure to use latest.

I rarely follow the discussions here .
But once in while I take a glance …
@1vanK , your commit looks wrong to me .
I have written and using my own reference 3D editor , works fine on any HDPI/Retina monitor
Division by uiScale_ is necessary , specifically when uiScale_ != 1.0
Please note that the default value of uiScale_ = 1.0 , regardless of the type of the monitor been used.
Just my 2 cents …

I don’t have a retina display. A owner of this display sent PR and I merged it. But you can discuss the correct approach with the PR’s author.

just to confirm here that I don’t have the issue anymore with the latest repo, although the UI is slow responsive on mac :slight_smile:
as for the PR, I’ll let you guys figure out.