Editor: special component editor implementation

Hi all!

I want to implement special editor for my component (which is not just text attributes)
I.E. I want graphical editing of some things, like custom node graph editor, how can I hook it so
it activates on component selection? Is there any guidelines suggestions?

I seen terrain editor, but it is too special to my taste (too outstanding, I want better integration in editor),
are there any others? I just want it so that when component is added or selected in node tree,
in its panel there is a button like “edit nodes” and it shows window with nodes of the component which could be edited and closed. Any ideas?

Perhaps look into how the material and partial editors were done? Is that closer to what you’re thinking?

Well, I just need help in form of “edit the file foo.as find function X and add your stuff there” type of help,
because I lost in editor cnd can’t find a good place to add stuff :frowning: