Error compiling under windows: Application not defined

This weekend I started working on my project on Linux, after I had some code in place I decided to try how it owrked on Windows. Created the project without problems, but I got a lot of syntax errors with Application class:

1>d:\projects\keyw\source\GameState.h(23): error C2061: error de sintaxis : identificador 'Application' 1>d:\projects\keyw\source\GameState.h(31): error C2143: error de sintaxis : falta ';' delante de '*' 1>d:\projects\keyw\source\GameState.h(31): error C4430: falta el especificador de tipo; se presupone int. Nota: C++ no admite default-int 1>d:\projects\keyw\source\GameState.h(23): error C2065: 'parent' : identificador no declarado

This is the code:

[code]#include “Application.h”
#include “Engine.h”
#include “CoreEvents.h”
#include “SceneEvents.h”
#include “Input.h”

#pragma once

using namespace Urho3D;

class GameState
GameState(Application *ap) { parent = ap; } ;[/code]

The project compiles and runs perfectly under linux, the problem is only when compiling with VS 2012.

Is that really the full code, or only a snippet? Pretty much everything vital is missing, could you instead post the whole project or temporarily host it on Github?

It is just the first header causing the error (there are mucho more problems, derived from this). My solution was to restart the project using AS instead of C++. Now the app is a minimal launcher and I will implement everything in scripts, including classes. Also, I plan to spend more development time in Windows instead of Linux.