ERROR: Could not create unknown component type


Does the line below makes since ? The GameObject is a general name that I will change.

[Wed Dec 17 17:58:06 2014] ERROR: Could not create unknown component type 1B71

The code that is causing the problem is

    /// Loop through the whole scene and get the root Node
    Node * RootNode = scene_ -> GetParent();

    /// Get node list
    PODVector <Node *> NodesVector;
    scene_ -> GetChildren (NodesVector, true);

 /// Set necessary objects
    Node * OrphanNode;
    String Nodename;

    /// loop nodes
    for(int i=0; i < NodesVector.Size(); i++)
        /// Do nothing like copy the node vector to a node
        OrphanNode = NodesVector[i];

        /// Add a component
        GameObject * OrphanNodeGameObject = OrphanNode-> CreateComponent<GameObject>();

        OrphanNodeGameObject -> SetLifetime(-1);


The header file is


#include "LogicComponent.h"

using namespace Urho3D;

/// Character component, responsible for physical movement according to controls, as well as animation.
class GameObject : public LogicComponent
    /// Construct.
    GameObject (Context* context);
    /// Register object factory and attributes.
    static void RegisterObject(Context* context);
    /// Handle startup. Called by LogicComponent base class.
    virtual void Start();
    /// Handle physics world update. Called by LogicComponent base class.
    virtual void FixedUpdate(float timeStep);

    /// updatelifetime
    float GetLifetime(void);
    void SetLifetime(float lifetime);


    /// Component information
    float GameObjectLifetime;



It will log that error if you try to create a component for which you have not registered an object factory. You can register a factory by context->RegisterFactory<GameObject>()

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I will look over the code again because I think the source has it.


Thanks for the reminder. The fix was simple. I was overlooking something.

Can this thread be deleted.

Not remove it :slight_smile: This is very useful for beginners like me :slight_smile: Even after 4 years :smiley:

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