Error export 3d model materials in 2.83 blender

Hi Guys,
I’m using new exporter from 1vanka branch to export imported obj file.

The model and texture are exported fine. The material file has problem exporting.

I get an error in exporting material file like below using both eeve and cycle renderers.


You can not use any material. You need clone and tune predefined materials as shown on video Exporting materials from Blender 2.83 to Urho3D

I see, is this always the case with existing exporter?

Thanks I’ll check the other video out.

Converting ANY cycles shader node tree required generating Urho’s shader on the fly. In Urho we have 3 predefined shaders, so in Blender you need use predefined materials wich corresponds to existed Urho’S shaders.

I see, because I was using the Principled BSDF material. We don’t have that.

Sorry, I never have to deal with shader, so my knowledge is limitted. But which three shaders are you referred to. LitSolid, PBRLitSolid, Basic or BRDF.


LitSolid, Unlit, PBR

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