Exe file is not there in the downloaded file

Downloaded the Urho3D. after unpacking i do not see any exe file to execute it. How to proceed?

Hi gvnarendra! Welcome to the Forum!

You have downloaded the sourcecode for Urho3D - for the sake of clarity, lets call that the “master” folder. The master sourcecode is meant to be “platform agnostic” - it’s a blueprint that we can “unroll” for a specific target machine and compiler… It’s going to help us to create a project that targets our chosen compiler, so we can build urho3D using our compiler and target platform of choice.
One way to proceed is to use CMAKE to generate a “build folder” from your “master” - this is essentially a C++ Project for a compiler of your choice. You said “exe” - can I assume you’re using Windows? Do you have Visual Studio installed? Choose it in CMAKE as your target compiler.
Once you have generated a “build folder”, finally, you can build the Urho3D Project (in the build folder), which will generate a folder called “bin” (in the build folder), which contains your Executables. It will also create a folder called “lib”, which contains the lib file for use in your own projects, assuming you choose not to use the “player app” (see bin folder).

Ok thank you
I will try the method. Yes I am using Windows 10


What did you actually download? The source code or the pre-built binaries? Because you won’t find any executables in the source code.

i down loaded from this link https://sourceforge.net/projects/urho3d/

is there any other link to down executable urho3D?

thank you


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I am not a game developer. But would like to make a 3d printable from 2d photographs of persons. Please guide me for the free softwares

required. Thanks in advance.



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