Export one .ani for multiple objects

Hi, I make the animation group of falling cubes in Cinema4D and export baked keyframes animation to
fbx > Blender > AssetImport as a result I got bunch of .ani files that relate specifically to one cube in all model, but not overall animation *.ani

So, question is how to merge or combine all keyframe tracks together and get one *.ani (cause i implement scene animation in ActionScript)


You could try the blender exporter plugin and see if that gives better results.

As long as you are only editing one action using the action editor, and you are exporting the models as .fbx, then I believe it should output only one animation. Normally I import only animations on rigged models, however I think that using LocRot or LocRotScale will work and create shared keyframes among all the models selected. In the picture below, I am using LocRot keyframes, and am using a single action, which should get exported as one .ani file.


AFAIK you can’t do that.