Exporting materials from Blender 2.83 to Urho3D

Need some tests before PR if anyone is interested in this: https://github.com/1vanK/Urho3D-Blender/tree/2_80


  • Requires latest version of Blender 2.83 Alpha https://builder.blender.org/download/
  • Render Properties > Color Management > Display Device = None to match colors Blender and Urho
  • You need clone material from library to be able to edit material
  • PBR materials not implemented yet
  • If you wrote your own Urho’s shaders, you can add own node trees to addon\data.blend and append expoter to addon\materials.py (syntax very easy)

You can not use any cycles material. You need clone and tune predefined materials wich corresponds to existed Urho’s shaders.


Cool feature! Obviously a lot of work.

Can it work with 2.82 beta?

Theoretically yes, but I have not tested. This exporter uses new compare node https://wiki.blender.org/wiki/Reference/Release_Notes/2.82/Cycles

I wrote something like this for my own exporter. It saves images too.
It currently only supports 3 shader types, but I hope this helps anyone who might want to continue working on this.