Failed to install Urho3D - macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Hi guys I need some enlightenment here.

Trying to install Urho3D on macOS 10.13 High Sierra without success.

My steps:

  • Mkdir an empty project folder:
  • Make a bin folder inside the project root folder and copied folders (CoreData and Data into bin)
  • Copied the tutorial CMakeLists.txt inside project root folder
  • Set system environment variables. I tried both to STATIC and SHARED versions on .bash_profile file:

export URHO3D_HOME=~/dev/c++/Urho3D/Urho3D-1.7.1-macOS-64bit-<STATIC or SHARED>

Try to compile the CMakeLists.txt in CLion IDEA but not recognise URHO3D_HOME. So I got:

“CMake Error at CMake/Modules/FindUrho3D.cmake:346 (message):
Could NOT find compatible Urho3D library in Urho3D SDK installation or
build tree. Use URHO3D_HOME environment variable or build option to
specify the location of the non-default SDK installation or build tree.”

Then I tried to specified URHO3D_HOME by myself in CMakeLists.txt using:

set(ENV{URHO3D_HOME} ~/dev/c++/Urho3D/Urho3D-1.7.1-macOS-64bit-STATIC)

I got another error related to regex compiled. I have no clue what is going on and how to make it works. It do not find the URHO3D_HOME. I also have marked define_source_files () but it even reach that because there is no valid URHO3D.

Please, guys, help me out here.
Thanks in advance.

If you have Rake installed then at the Urho3D project root, type:

$ rake scaffolding dir=/your/new/project/path

Followed the instruction to setup the URHO3D_HOME variable as shown on the console output.

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Thank you for your reply.

I already tried to compile using Rake but I got a weird error. Even if Rakefile remains in the project folder it accuses the file doesn’t exist. My rake and gem is updated and worked out on further following method.

I skipped this method for awhile and I tried other following this thread:

In the step 8, I got this error:

RegularExpression::compile(): Nested *?+.
RegularExpression::compile(): Error in compile.
CMake Error at CMake/Modules/FindUrho3D.cmake:86 (if):
if given arguments:

"NOT" "URHO3D_64BIT" "EQUAL" "URHO3D_FOUND_64BIT" "OR" "NOT" "URHO3D_LIB_TYPE" "STREQUAL" "URHO3D_FOUND_LIB_TYPE" "OR" "NOT" "URHO3D_BASE_INCLUDE_DIR" "MATCHES" "^/Users/nihil/dev/c++/Urho3D/projects/urho/include/Urho3D\$"

Regular expression
“^/Users/nihil/dev/c++/Urho3D/projects/urho/include/Urho3D$” cannot compile
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMake/Modules/UrhoCommon.cmake:231 (find_package)
CMakeLists.txt:23 (include)

Somehow it doesn’t recognise the URHO3D_HOME even if you point it to the right place. Is the CMakeLists.txt file correct and updated or what else could be causing that?

This looks weird to me. Probably you have a trailing backward slash in your URHO3D_HOME variable and causing the issue. In Unix-like systems the path separator is always forward slash and the backward one means something else (an escape character).

I also notice you are not using latest master branch and you should. We will be releasing it as 1.8 soon. Don’t hold your breath though.

All our rake tasks are tested in our CI build, including on MacOS host system. So I have no doubt they work out of the box when they have been used properly.

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I recently start using Urho and built everything from source on Mac OSX sucessfully with a few caveats. Today I also used prebuilt Urho3D-1.7.1-macOS-64bit-STATIC.
I set URHO3D_HOME=~/Downloads/Urho3D-1.7.1-macOS-64bit-STATIC and my sample compiled successfully.

I guess your CMakeLists.txt file have something missing. Can you please dump its content here?

FYI I took this sample to build with few fixes it worked well.

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Update: found root cause, it seems “c++” in path conflicting with pattern matching, for now if you rename c++ to cpp should work.


Good catch. BTW, I won’t recommend to reference to out-dated (external) wiki pages.

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Thank you so much, @weitjong and @shiv for your efforts. You guys are the best.


Sorry for the caps, because I spent yesterday trying to figure out how to make it work. The issue about finding the UHRO3D_HOME was about the “c++” name in the path as @shiv mentioned. Unfortunately I have a lot of stuff in this folder, so I cannot just rename it. Over time I’ll transfer the things over there to “cpp” folder carefully.

Now I’ll keep it simple and try to focus only one way to build up my projects.

I removed the: set(ENV{URHO3D_HOME} } <path_for_urho>) from CMakeLists.txt 'cause the URHO3D_HOME now can be find from .bash_profile file. I’m target STATIC binaries from repository, despite yesterday I got the URHO3D source and compiled it on my own - took me about almost 2h to compile it.

I edited define_source_files () macro to point straight to my cpp and h files.

define_source_files (GLOB_CPP_PATTERNS src/*.cpp* GLOB_H_PATTERNS src/*.h* RECURSE GROUP)

If you guys have other suggestion about how to point to the project source files, please let me know. Maybe I’ll create some extra CMake file, something like source.cmake using “file ()” command and add each source file (cpp and h) on my own and call source.cmake file into CMakeLists.txt using include() command. Just thoughts…

Now I have to figure out how make it find the project’s resources. Looking at docs, there are some ways to make it happen:

  1. From CMakeLists.txt using macro define_resource_dirs():
  2. Using env variable: URHO3D_PREFIX_PATH

Second option is more suitable for global resources, I guess.

Now, let me be a newbie and get some “hello world” example to see it shine. :wink:


Glad to hear you got it working! If you wanted to keep using your c++ folder you could probably escape the plusses (c\+\+ or maybe c\\+\\+). Though I imagine you’ll run into a similar problem again in the future, so you might want to make the transition. Also, in regards to the long build time, if you weren’t using one a multi threaded build might help (make -j4 for 4 jobs, for example).


I never faced this problem before because I have nothing here that parsed the path or parsed it “wrong” as Urho3D did - thanks urho to warning me that.

The other projects I have inside are:

  • Pure OpenGL projects;
  • SDL;
  • Raylib;
  • SFML;
  • Qt;

Anyway, thanks for suggestion. I’ll move everything occasionally to prevent from some regex issue later on.

Btw, welcome to the forums, @inocencio and @shiv. :confetti_ball: :slightly_smiling_face: :confetti_ball: