Feature or Bug?

I have a CodeBlocks project on Linux that uses Urho3D::File to try to load xml UI and Scene files from a (non-resource) relative path - if not found, it dumps a hardcoded copy in the working directory.

My project has a “Bin” folder, that acts as root. Working directory for both release and debug builds are set to that folder - it contains Data and CoreData and so on… so far, so good.

If I run the Release version of the app, I get my xml files dumped in the Bin folder - the working directory. All good.

But if I run the Debug version, I get my xml files dumped in the Project Root folder - not the working directory.

Whose fault is this? Is this a “feature” of CodeBlocks, or Urho? Seems like Urho is not at fault?

In my visual studio my project can’t read/write by default - I have to find it and run it out of the IDE
try executing it out of the IDE maybe? It’s been a while since I’ve used code blocks but I’m sure there’s a setting somewhere

Like throwawayerino is saying. I think there is an option to set your target path in Codeblock. If it doesn’t have it, you can throw it away.

It turns out to be caused by or at least directly related to GDB - although the arguments that codeblocks passes to GDB appear to be correct… strange :slight_smile:

When I use FileSystem::GetProgramDir to generate an absolute filepath, the issue disappears.

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