FEMFX - Deformable physics

This is pretty awesome. And the fact that it’s MIT licensed… props to AMD!


Wow, real deformation using engineering FEM.
A bit overkill but nice to have car crash deform example :). This is like beam physics I saw a while back.

Hey Lumak we need an example from you on this nice engineering physics library.

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lol, Lumak is the Urho GOD

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I’ve tried this on a intel cpu with 8 cores. it’s really slow, don’t know if i’m doing it wrong, maybe it’s only optimized for AMD cpu. Anyone else tried?

I’ve not tried it (maybe I will next week), but was that using a release build?

Have you tried other deformable physics solutions for comparison?

@SirNate0 I’ve forget about that :sweat_smile:
It’s works really nice, it would be nice to have this in the engine.

@Modanung I’ve tried bullet soft bodies before, and works fine but only with a few objects

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