Few questions regarding Urho3D

Hi I have a few questions regarding this game engine.

  1. Does it come with its own GUI game editor?
  2. Can the game be written in C++?
  3. Does the entire game code get compiled into the game?

1 - Not really. It has a GUI editor, and you can use it to compose scene node hierarchies, UI elements, etc… but it’s not a gestalt editor like Unity or Godot. There is no ‘deploy’ button because eventually…

2 - You pretty much have to write some code, either in C++ or one of the 2 supported script languages, AngelScript or Lua. The ‘structure’ of your game is going to most likely live here.

3 - If you use C++ then yes. AngelScript and Lua script files live in the data directory.

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Re. editors, wiki:editors (however incomplete) links to working editors/exporters (e.g. Blender, or other workflows), many of which live here on the forum.

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If using C++, does the entire source code of Urho3D get compiled into the game itself or does C++ generate some dll files?

Just one question so with the addon, is it like Armory where it treats Blender like a GUI game editor?

If you choose a static build for the library, then no DLL. You can change to shared if you want Urho3D to live in a DLL.

Oh nice, thanks mate :slight_smile: