First 3D Model class, which should be its inheritance Model?

I have been using the First Project template for my porpuses, great one, but now i want to create more classes, but i dont know which should be its inheritance, the model class?

I want this class to do the following.-

1.- Create a parent node
2.- Based on that parent node create several subnodes, all based in little 3D models, (i dont care if they are only Boxes)
3.- That way i will have a more complex 3D Model but attached to the parent node (and its sub nodes)
4.- Alter the model position (i think a simple function will do that or constructor)
5.- Place later the model in my main Application class (yep other story)

Could someone give me a hint to create such a class? Basically i dont know which its inheritance should be. Or this is too much for me a beginner ? I been reading a lot, thank you in advance

I’d inherit from LogicComponent and in its OnNodeSet(Node* node) create the sub-nodes and their models. During the Update(float timeStep) it would modify the position of it’s child nodes.


Oh such a precious information, thank you @Modanung now i can just begin LOL :slight_smile:

Furthermore you will have to register your component - before instantiation - by calling RegisterFactory<MyComponent>() on the Context. Hereafter you can call CreateComponent<MyComponent>() on a node to conjure your component.

Thank you again, in that i will need more reading, but with this kind of help from your part i will stop being a noob soon Thank you !!!

I made a simple component a year and a half ago for demonstration purposes that may be of use to fill some more gaps in your understanding as well: :wink:


Great !! yes it helps a lot !!

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