Flipping 2D character with non-symmetrical collision shape (bug)


In 2D, what approach would you suggest to flip a character whose collision shape is not symmetrical?

SetFlip only applies to sprites, but other components may need to reflect the flip (e.g. non-centered trail particles).

Therefore, I am trying to go with a negative scale of the character’s node: node->Scale2D(Vector2{1.f,-1.f});. However, the collision shape does not seem to see the scale at all! It stays just the same… Is this somehow to be expected for some reason I am missing?

It looks like a bug to me, so I opened #1926. I am on a linux/gcc config here. Can anyone confirm they see the same? To reproduce, just add the following to Urho2DConstraints::HandleUpdate (sample 32) before running it and pressing F