FontSize in Text3D

I am looking at 35_SignedDistanceFieldText sample and I found this line of code:
mushroomTitleText->SetFont(cache->GetResource(“Fonts/BlueHighway.sdf”), 24);
where 24 is a font size, however it seems it doesn’t respect that value - nothing changes if I set it to 124. So what the purpose of it? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

I’m not getting the same issue. I am first noticing a typo, though. The extension ‘sdf’ should be ‘ttf’.

Here’s a couple examples:

mushroomTitleText->SetFont(cache->GetResource<Font>("Fonts/BlueHighway.ttf"), 24);

mushroomTitleText->SetFont(cache->GetResource<Font>("Fonts/BlueHighway.ttf"), 124);

The SDF font is a special bitmap font. The font size of SDF is the size to build SDF font, if you need a large SDF font, you can build it yourself with bigger font size.

Oh thanks, guys! I didn’t notice it was not ttf.