FOSDEM 2020 - Game Dev Room

Hello everyone,

First of all sorry if this isn’t the best place to post that. My name’s Stan I’m a dev for 0 A.D. ( a game that is using the Pyrogenesis engine. I’m trying to get in touch with other people working on other engines on behalf of the Godot Engine ( to give talks at the dev room at the FOSDEM 2020 and I was wondering if some of you might be interested to come discuss or even give a presentation there.

If that’s the case let me know

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Hi @StanleySweet, welcome to the Urho3D forums! :confetti_ball: :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know if there’s a deadline for signing up to give a presentation?

Yeah it’s tomorrow however they might make an exception. Let me know ASAP. You only need to write the proposal you don’t have to produce the presentation yet.

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In case you are interested the official FOSDEM deadline is on the 14th of December. I just asked on godot irc