Frostbite terrain texturing


I find this link interesting. Maybe something like it can be used for texturing terrain in Urho3D in a generated imaged that can be also saved if need be. … stbite.pdf

I’m just seeing if someone can take a look. I don’t know Urho3D good enougth to build a shader to class function to implement something like this.



[quote=“Sinoid”]As I understand it the FrostBite technique is more about tools than anything else. From what I could gather (I’ve read it multiple times - over the past few years) it appears to use “mini-shaders” that they composite together for the chunks/patches of terrain (they do similar in clumping their masks as being more like a “Texture Region” of a texture-atlas).

That sort of thing (the shader, not the chunking) is probably a pretty decent place to get dirty with learning shaders in just about any environment. Terrain is ‘regular’ so there’s a fair bit less to have to deal with. … _Texturing - here’s an example of a shader doing that in Horde (wrote that wiki article a long long time ago)

Because terrain is regular, you could also take it a bit further and do some Von Neuman (to find XY slopes) sampling to perturb the normal for lighting. With a decent colormap even that old technique can still get some pretty good results.[/quote]

I almost got procedural working fully in Urho3D with a lot of help. The link is at Procedural Generated Worlds

The quicker that … rial5.html can be implemented or some type. Maybe texturing would be the nice project.

It seems that they use a very similar workflow that the one used here: … eneration2