Game Project With Urho3D

After the brief experiments I’ve conducted, I’ve decided to fully switch from Ogre3D to Urho3D for a Game Project I started some months back. Urho3D has the majority of features I need and I’m very grateful to everyone that contributed to make it what it is now.

What this means is that I will be asking lots of questions very soon :smiley: :smiley: and will be seeking suggestions and advices from you guys.

Keep up the good work.

Way cool. I’m doing the same thing leaving a video blog of it.

Cool, you made ??the right choice!

Yeah - congrats. Same here. Though I feel there will be a lot to do. Since I am targeting sandbox procedural multiplayer. Remote resource management, event / state synchronisation, client prediction schemes. Awful a lot to do. I think I will try to keep server / client side clean, detachable and written similar to Urho. Maybe some day drop in Urho repository if approved :wink:.

What kind of game are you guys working on if no secret?

Planning a third person adventure game, but currently working on a proof of concept to make sure Urho3D satisfies the required abilities (so far it does :slight_smile: )

Well the good thing about Urho3D it is open source. And most of non-existing features you can implement either by yourself or take some 3th party librs in.
In my case Urho don’t have a procedureal generated environment. Only Terrain Heightmap as I see. All Simplex, Perlin Voronoi generation must be added by myself. Recource cache must be changed, so it load resources from remote server, instead local file system. But because of open source it does not look that bad, I can add them myself. Plus the guys are doing fantastic job keeping very clean and easy to read code.

Makes me wonder, maybe I should contribute something from myself. :slight_smile: