Getting Started: "could not open window"

Using the pre-built binaries and ones that I have built with GCC4.81 (Windows 64bit) I cannot run the samples. They all stop with “could not open window”. Clearly I’m doing something wrong. Any assistance would be most appreciated.


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The “Could not open window” error could only happen in the OpenGL code path. In your Windows host system, do you have OpenGL graphic driver installed?

GLView reports v4.4 for OpenGL on a GeForce GTX 660 Ti while dxdiag reports DirectX 11 installed. Though it seems that the NVidia driver is performing as expected I`ll probably update.
In addition to trying the pre-built binaries I built for both OpenGL and DirectX, resulting in the same errors.

UPDATE: Though all seemed fine with the slightly older driver, updating to the most recent from NVidia solved the problem.