Ggj 2020: repair

Hi there, I attended Global Game Jam. The theme was ‘repair’.
My game is about a Cart that is running through a scenery followed by some soldiers(green) and some gatherers(orange). The cart’s condition is constantly decreasing and you need to order your minions to collect ‘trees’ in order to get material for the ‘repair’ :wink:
The green soldiers can also plunder mills and can attack bandits which try to kill your orange helpers…
Controls: Select with mouse a minion of yours and send him to tree/mill/bandit

I’m more or less satisfied. Exported for Linux/Win/Web/Rpi/Arm64 (In android I got the Touch wrong,…need to have a look later)

Raspberry Pi:



Simple and surprisingly very interesting to play :grinning:

Your post here has a link to Web platform but your GGJ page does not. Is that intentional?

@weitjong Oh,you are right. I forgot about it in the description, but on the ggj page is a dedicated field for that ‘Play now’. Under the descriptions.

I think there is no harm to have the same web link shown twice on a single page, one in PlayNow and the other in the list.

Just tried the link on my old iPhone 7 and it kinds of work, at least not crashing. Good job.

Meh. My cart exploded… :worried:

Thx for testing.

Yeah, I changed that and also added an android-version incl ‘day 1’-patch (for all versions). (see link in first post). Still buggy though :wink:

EDIT: Btw, by pressing F12 you can toggle between game and our wonderful editor for ingame-debugging…F3 toggles physics and navmesh visuals

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