GitHub in decay

When “open source loving” Microsoft announced to acquire GitHub, I migrated all my projects to GitLab and have been avoiding GitHub ever since. But every I time I do visit GitHub, yet another feature seems broken. By now:

  1. I cannot upload avatars
  2. Emojis are broken
  3. History within subfolders does not load
  4. Authorizing outside services is broken

Am I the only one experiencing this, or may it be time to migrate before it sinks?

What should we do?
  • Stick to GitHub
  • Abandon GitHub for something else

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Btw, it seems somebody created Urho and Urho3D groups on GitLab without putting them to use.

EDIT: The poll may be too vague to reach a final decision, follow-up polls could provide more clarity.

Note that GitLab also allows for self-hosting.

Is discorce related to github?

Apart from being hosted there, I think not.

I do not see how any of listed arguments have any impact on the project. Suggestion seems to be purely politically motivated. In different words: doing a heavy work migrating project will yield no benefits, while come at a significant cost, both in effort to migrate and in feature loss. I do not believe gitlab offers this much CI resources for free.

I think that’s what self-hosting and runners are for:

And you don’t care for history? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
All the rest just signifies a falling apart.

I replaced the poll in the first post with a simple yes or no.

Ideologically, partially… but political? How?

That costs. Not to mention this invalidates all the effort of migrating to gh actions, almost on the next day it was done.

Only if you think that way.

:musical_note: I Saw the Sign by Ace of Base

I actually want to know who has the audacity doing that :smiley:. But rest assured unless until one day MS drop the ball, we will be staying here on GitHub.

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In my case, that’s the opposite of assuring.

But why you so hate MS? I also not its fan but nowadays this company is not so bad anymore (after Steve Balmer left).

Because I’m relatively well-informed, apparently.

I cannot believe the ubiquity of gullibility.

We all live in a not so perfect world.


And I was hoping we’re trying to make it a better one. But I guess that’s just me.

When you have reached my age, probably you will see the world the same as me.