Gitter Webhooks

Gitter has the possibility to integrate so called webhooks. This allows for changes like commits, comments and pull requests to be made visible in a chatroom’s sidebar. I think it would be nice to use this feature and hook up the urho3d/Urho3D gitter room to the Urho3D, Urho3D-Components and repositories so people could get live updates of what’s happening and be drawn towards the activities that show up.

What do you think?

  • :+1: I’m in favour
  • :stop_sign: Let’s not
  • :nail_care: I really don’t care

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…and who has the power to set this up?
@Miegamicis, do you? You seem most active from the people on this list.

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I’m not sure that I can do it. Will have to check that tomorrow

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I am personally for it - lack of transparency has been an issue for me. I’d like a transparent way to push PR and have it referenced and searchable on the forum. If it does both, then I vote with both hands.

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I told you I had public repo, I did not say I keep it up to date - thats a tombstone of a state of urho :stuck_out_tongue: my repo is not meant to be shared, so I don’t - the public fork you see, is merely a mirror of a state of urho I based my work on
oh well :wink:

If you guys want to play lack of transparency, I thought to myself, well, why publish my patches outside this forum? I was working against a wall, but my view is changing lately

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