GLSL Shader Error - "uniform specified with different precisions"

I’m getting this mysterious error in UrhoSharp for my GLSL shaders:

“Error: uniform cColor specified with different precision in different shaders”

I get this for all of my uniforms.

uniform vec4 cColor;

Is how it’s specified.

  1. Try to set uniform precision explicitly.
    Keep in mind that highp may be unsupported in pixel shader, so stick with meduimp or lowp.

  2. Try to explicitly guard out uniforms that are used only in one shader (vertex or pixel) with #ifdef COMPILEVS/#ifdef COMPILEPS

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Eugene, that advice was perfect, thank you! It solved my problem completely.

I didn’t have the #ifdef COMPILEVS (or PS), and I also added the ‘mediump’ specifiers to be more explicit.