Goblinson Crusoe


Uploaded a quick gameplay video today. Kinda cruddy quality, since I still don’t really have a high-powered rig for video capture.


That’s looking really good! Looks like there is quite a bit of variety in options and some satisfying and powerful actions. I’m a big fan of seeing numbers flood a screen :smiley:


Thanks, hdunderscore. Everything that is shown there is still “test” stuff… I’m still figuring out what kinds of things will be possible and how to fit the mechanics together. I haven’t even fully nailed down the character stats yet, since I don’t yet know exactly what damage types and damage mitigation strategies will be available. Wherever it ends up, though, there should be plenty of numbers.


Working on having water that can occupy cells of any height. The built-in Water material actually works surprisingly well (with a few small tweaks) for this purpose.


My latest project (aside from HUGE refactoring of combat stats) has been to start re-purposing my terrain editor to act as a level editor.

Most of the things work, but I’m modifying the way masks work so that I can have masks for the terrain separate from masks for the elevation. Terrain blend textures are much higher resolution than the elevation heightmap, so the masks need to be higher resolution also. Also need to fix the editing cursor, which worked “okay” on a smooth terrain, but doesn’t work well on the hex terrain.


Have added water editing to the GC editor. Water editing works a lot like terrain editing; you can use a brush to raise/lower regions, or use a filter from the Filters menu to set all water to a specified height. Masks can be used in these operations to mask off sections to prevent water from being edited.

Also have begun implementing doodad scattering. A UI allows you to create a group, and select doodads from a master list (which is built by scanning the Doodads folder). In the group list, each individual doodad can be assigned a weight, which is used when selecting which doodad to spawn. This way, you can increase or decrease the frequency of certain doodads relative to one another. In the works is a brush system to allow painting with the current doodad group. Doodads are spawned using a filter, and make use of mask settings to prevent spawning in masked-off areas.

Object editing will work similar. (Doodads are non-blocking, non-interactive scene decorations; objects are interactive or blocking elements such as walls, trees and mobs.) I am doing some thought about how I can add a layer of indirection to object spawning, to allow for randomization on level load.


Hey for your HDR issue I had a similar issue. I did not use gamma correction. I only used BloomHDR,ToneMap,AutoExposure. Make sure in your materials that you set emissive to zero. The auto-exposure will brighten up darker areas so any additional calculations on the material will look odd. Once I fixed the materials I got pretty good results.