Gravity Invalid

Hello everyone ,

I make a demo , learn from a open game “KO”.
After I import character to scene, it can be control to move , and the physics is well when collision happen.

But the confusion to me is : gravity invalid for the character.

My core code here (Hero inherit from Controller):



And load scene code:

scene in editor:

when game running , character in sky ,do not drop to ground, everything else is normal

someone can help me ,thanks !

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I see that you intentionally disabled rigid body movement along Y axis (linear factor)

oh oh,thanks very much, I am so sorry , I have not understand the LinearFactor before .

But now ,you see that AngularFactor is UP , it is only rotation on Y axis?
why my character will fall when it walk on ground not flat ?

I don’t know. Try to set angular factor to zero. You probably don’t need even yaw rotation for the collider.

Yes, that is correct.