GreatGame Project

Hi Everyone!

Here is a video of a project I’m still calling the “GreatGame” project.

The game belongs to the sandbox/survival genre but will use elements of real time strategy games as the main interface mechanic.

Heres a link to a video where I quickly describe some aspects of the game design plan:

Thanks for watching! Feedback is much appreciated!


It looks pretty cool. I couldn’t listen because my speakers are shot, but I like the looks of it. It gives me a kind of old-school tile-based roguelike vibe. I really like how you’re doing the fog-of-war there. Hope you keep going with this, I’d like to see how it ends up.

Thanks! - For the fog of war - I would like to implement a shader or some sort of geometric trickery to “round off” the very edges.

The demo looks good and sounds like an idea with great potential.
It just seems a bit too ambitious for a one man job, but if you have no time constraint, then why not try it.
I suggest you do a rough version of each game mechanic to make sure they all work together as you imagine they would, before you invest too much time perfecting any one aspect of the game.
Best wishes.