Half precision (16-bit) vertex data - How to get it in the shader

Hello there.

I’m batching some geometry on the CPU and for efficiency I’d like to use half2 for UV and maybe even half3 for normals (not sure on this latter yet).

I’ve managed to create the data appropriately CPU-side and I’m passing it to the GPU and size is correct (positions are OK), however I don’t know how I’m supposed to get the halfs in the VS, I was hoping that simply changing the float to half in the shader was going to work but it still reads 32 bits for each element.

Another problem is that there’s no 16-bit VertexElementType so I have to use some hacky masking (I’m using PODVector<VertexElement> for descs).

Do you guys know how I could do that without having to deal with the internals?

Thank you

You may add new half type and make PR then. Should be quite easy. Or report issue.