HDRI Haven opening up!

I’ve been using Greg Zaal’s free HDRIs from over at HDRI Haven for a while now. But I just found out he’s running a quite successful Patreon campaign and is giving away (CC0) his entire collection of 16k HDRIs!
Great for backgrounds and PBR.

Read about the change here.

Some previews (these are not HDR images)


Do you have a sample setup of their HDR in Urho scenes?

Nope, I rendered one to a cubemap in Blender to use in Quatter. The other times I used HDRIs was also in Blender.
If anyone does create or find a setup like this, please do share.

Perhaps a place to start and we’re welcomed to contribute.

Like the Urho PBR sample scene, uses cubemap textures (output_pmrem_posx.dds etc) generated (coincidentally using CMFT) from an HDRI.