Hellbreaker - FPS


sorry for my bad English I mean this force (1:29)


Ah, recoil. I don’t have recoil in my game, only cone of fire (design choice).


New video:


Looking good!


Very nice classic FPS gameplay. Brings the C4 engine FPS demo levels to mind a bit.


Really nice movement/camera work, sorry if I missed this in the scrollback, are you using a Bullet character controller setup or something simpler?


I wouldn’t recommend Bullet’s character controller, it has flawed recovery from penetration and I don’t think it’s possible to make quality Kinematic controller, Bullet just falls apart in my very painful experience.
I’m using dynamic controller with my own suspension system for a “leg”.


That is really cool, and yeah, getting real physics to behave like this and handle corner cases without exploding is nuts. You can always attach some kind of sphere or something to the player which does rough, “I just knocked over a pile of crates!” physics… looks great!


New test video:




New video:


Pretty cool. Are there any shadows from the creatures and objects on the ground?


I’m not using shadow casting lights because it’s too expensive for my use case (except directional light shadows, which isn’t very useful for indoors).

Maybe using lightmaps for static models so only dynamic models are included for the dynamic shadows would make it affordable, but that’s a rather low priority now.

Another option is to exclude the level geometry from the directional light shadow, so directional light “penetrates” the level geometry and causes monsters and such to cast shadows. Might try that.


You are making great progress. It already seems like it will get better reviews than DooM multiplayer beta :slight_smile:


lol yeah, I should probably focus on getting it on Steam Greenlight ASAP, strike while the iron is hot.


Very cool Enhex!!!

For some reason it reminds me of Painkiller, maybe it’s the demon design? Which is a great thing, twitch shooters FTW!

About the new Doom, I am a sucker for fatality kills it reminds me of the most recent AVP which came out a few years ago. But yeah, gimping it to play like a poor man’s CoD or Halo is a bad move. The virtual texture stuff is neat though, 60fps with very nice texture variety without expensive mixer shaders…


Ported my level editor from OGRE to Urho3D, and refactored several things.

Short updated video:

Improved LVL file format.
Automatic material system with diffuses/normal/specular/emissives (previously was diffuse only).
Assets and effects improvements.


Love it! Kind of feels like Sauerbraten meets the new DOOM :slight_smile:


I’m really curious about your level editor. Is it implemented with CSG/BSP operations based on primitives, or are you actually creating proper geometry procedurally with something like 34_DynamicGeometry? How do you deal with UV’s?


No CSG/BSP, I’m using what I call shapes which are a collection of polygon faces.
Each face has material which includes name, uv plane, and transformation (scale/rotation/translation), and when I triangulate the faces I calculate the UV for each vertex based on the uv plane & transformation.