Hellbreaker - FPS


Are you using Assimp’s TriangulateProcess?


I wrote my own triangulation, I modified the ear clipping algorithm to handle 3D non-planar polygons.


This looks sick! :smiley: Reminds me a lot of Quake, keep it up!


New video:


Insane progress Enhex! Looks great


New video:

Many bug fixes and improvements like monster rotation lerp’ing, material fixes, GUI improvements, end screen, resource & shader preloading, and many more…


I really enjoy watching these videos. You’ve done an amazing job so far man. :slight_smile:


New video:

  • Level medal system which encourages to play fast but not skip combat
  • level editor improvements, progress with new levels
  • improved effects, and new effects such as monster blood explosion
  • explosion push force
  • bug fixes, optimizations, code refactoring.


Cool game… nice effects and bullet / enemy animations


New screenshots and follow links:

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That looks quite nice. Is there any demo that we can try out?


Urho community members can PM me and I’ll give them the game :wink:


Thank you for the link.


Nice job! Look’s amazing. :heart_eyes:


Released a beta on itch!

Beta Trailer:

I’m hoping to get some feedback and find any issues in the beta before launching on other platforms.


Very impressive ! how many time for this project ? did you plan to adding multplayer ?


started in 2014, no plan for multiplayer.