Hello,this is an inexplicable problem

Hello, everyone. I am a novice. I want to ask, I compiled a little thing with urho3d, and used release mode, and then generated exe files. There were more than a lot of inexplicable DLL files. I want to ask how to make the DLL files as less as possible.20171218053035

It is not clear where did you list those DLL from? Surely it is not from the Urho build tree because none of our build scripts do that from what I recall.

If you are referring to Urho dependency to some of Windows/VS runtime DLLs then you can try to reconfigure with URHO3D_STATIC_RUNTIME build option. Having said that, I am not quite familiar with VS and not quite sure those you shortlisted are actually one of them. It worths a try.

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It is useful, using URHO3D_STATIC_RUNTIME to generate EXE, and those strange DLL files are no longer existd. Thank you Admin,Urho3D is a good engine, you people doing a great job!