HelloWorld stand alone project in VS2017

First, I’m trying to get up to speed on Urho3D using C++. I’m a C# developer and have minimal C++ experience.

I’ve followed this process and created a new VS2017 project. Now I’m trying to re-create the HelloWorld project from the samples as a stand alone project. In the HelloWorld example Solution Explorer there is a reference to Urho3D that is not in the blank project I created. I tried to add a reference to it, but can’t seem to navigate to it. Did I miss something?

Also, there is an #include “Sample.h” in HelloWorld.h. Do I need this in order to get a simple HelloWorld example up and running? My apologies for the newbe questions, but your help is greatly appreciated.

All the samples include the Sample.h file to avoid duplicate code in the repo. If you wan’t to set up your project from those, copy Sample.h file in your project.

To use Urho3D as an external project, set environment variable URHO3D_HOME which should lead to Urho3D build tree. If you downloaded compiled binaries, this variable should point to a place, where you extracted this library.

That worked. Thanks!

Haha, I’m a C# developer too, and I’m going to use C++ in Urho because unfortunately there is no good C# scripting support :(. I know how to link libraries, and I don’t understand why you have to set an environment variable (Path?)… can’t you just link Urho statically or so?