Help me find rendering engine

Hello, I’m implementing robotics simulator, I need quality rendering engine. I already have elaborate physics, scripting, etc. All shapes and meshes already are in memory.

I see you have nice documentation page:

which sounds like what I need, but:

  1. Can I compile Urho rendering without compiling everything else? Dependencies list is just ridiculous, 27 libraries, including Lua and SQL databases!

  2. If I can’t, maybe someone knows library that will suit better for this purposes? I’m looking for it for some time now, no luck…


You can disable some libraries in CMake configuration, but the most are mandatory.
However, I don’t understand how does it disturb you.

I don’t understand how does it disturb you

My project will be distributed in source code form. Every user will compile it, automatic installation and compilation using pip is highly desirable. If it will have a lot of dependencies, especially hard-to-compile dependencies, the whole project will be less useful. Not 27, no.

Ogre3D and bgfx - graphical libraries only (although I have not tried them, Urho arranges me completely)

As far as I know, you can’t easily ‘subfolder’ Urho like some small library inside your repo because its build process is pretty complex. You will probably have to fork & tune it or use separate CMake build tree just for Urho library.

I use Urho as static library, there are docs how to do that on official site.

As for rendering engines, I myself use Quake2 one as it supports software rendering among OpenGL.
Ogre is cool too. There is also Open Scene Graph (OSG).

OK thanks everyone especially @1vanK for helping out!

Yes you can. This patch breaks SDK builds but that is not needed if engine is included as subfolder.

@olegklimov the nice thing about Urho3D is that it bundles all third party dependencies and has proper build scripts. Engine is self-contained and it is highly unlikely to have build issues as external engine dependencies are only ones provided by the OS/platform.

Edit: forgot ti mention that my add_subdirectory() support hack requires project(Urho3D) in main CMakeLists.txt file of game project.

You may try other render engine GitHub - cadaver/turso3d: Experimental 3D / game engine

Turso3D is a toy engine for the time being and it has been dormant some time due to not enough time for development. It’s possible that when I continue it, I will nuke the code once more. All that said I don’t recommend trying it currently, at least for anything serious.