Help with floating point precision in shaders

Im making an app for IOS using urho.

I have a simple shader that all it does is offset a texture according to a simple ratio(AnimRatio), see fragment shader below:

. #include “Uniforms.glsl”
. #include “Transform.glsl”
. #include “ScreenPos.glsl”
. #include “Effects.glsl”

uniform vec4 cClip;

uniform sampler2D sLayer0;

uniform vec4 cColor0;
uniform float cAnimRatio;

varying vec2 vCoord0;

void PS()
if(gl_FragCoord.x < cClip.x || gl_FragCoord.x > cClip.z || gl_FragCoord.y < cClip.y || gl_FragCoord.y > cClip.w) discard;

vec4 chosenColor = cColor0;
// Coordinate offset

vec2 newVCoords = vCoord0 + vec2(mix(1.0, 0.0, cAnimRatio), 0.0);
vec2 offsetCoord = vec2(newVCoords.x, vCoord0.y);
vec4 color = texture2D(sLayer0, offsetCoord);
float intensity = GetIntensity(color.rgb);

chosenColor = vec4(cColor0.x * intensity * cColor0.a, cColor0.y * intensity * cColor0.a, cColor0.z * intensity * cColor0.a, intensity * cColor0.a);

gl_FragColor = chosenColor;


However im facing some pixelization issues if i don’t use the “highp” tag in “newVCoords” this variable directly affects the offset i apply to the texture coordinates.

However highp is not available on every device, and ive tried mediump which is widely available and i still see pixelization occurring.

Anny ideas?

I just decided to offset the vertices on a vertex shader rather than changing the texture coordinates themselves.

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