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We are looking for the help developing a game. A programmer, concept artist, writer, and gameplay developer voice dialogue will help. Me and a programmer are developing a on-line single player space exploration space building game for a game engine. The game can be adopted to multiple player. The primary needs are some people who are consistent, reliable, and knowledgeable. Depending on the work. It would be contribution but freedom to showcase your work, pro-bono, and/or paid. I can go to detail further when contacted. A few hours a week at minimum depending on availability and schedule.

The lead developer and programmer is in the east coast, United States and the second lead programmer and developer is in Russia. The location is not major but a gameplay developer and concept artist closer to the east coast, United States will be helpful. We use several online tools to communication including Skype, Visual Studio Online, and Trello, Github and developer for Linux and Windows multi-platform.

The programmer would help with creating code for gameplay, debugging, and play testing adding features. A programmer with experience with C++ and shader both OpenGL and Direct X will help. The concept artist would lead developer, writer, and audio composer creating artwork based on lore. The gameplay developer would plan figure out gameplay systems and setup like rules, strategy, and mechanics. The voice person if available would create voice of dialogue. The 3D modeler has to be proficient in low-poly modeling with texture and UV mapping experience, and PBR will be helpful.

I’m looking to fill in at least one person per spot the next incoming weeks and negotiable. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, references, or example work at cgprojectsfx@gmail.com.


For here,

If you like to see the state. Me and the developer is merging in the rest of the code but with made extensive updates including a editor.

So what was added, IMGui interface usage, multiplayer online framework with SQL/MySql, StarGen solar system, game asset system, sound and input system, character hero system, state system, game logic system, progression system including story, quest, trait, skills, and career, and tons of not shown components.

Some shown here.