How to best implement dynamic resolution?

I need the rendering to happen in a lowered resolution and then get stretched over the entire screen. I currently shrink the viewport to a small corner and am looking for a way to stretch this smaller corner over the entire screen. Something like rendering a fullscreen quad whcih samples from the smaller corner. Im not sure how to create a renderpath to do this.

Hi @kairature888, welcome to the forum!

For your problem I’d suggest rendering to a texture and then rendering that to the full screen. There might be better approaches, though. I’m no expert in rendering stuff.

How do I set up a render path to achieve that?

You may want a persistent rendertarget…
as in PostProcess/AutoExposure.xml (demoed by 42_PBRMaterials).
You might also find the 10_RenderToTexture sample interesting.

This might help.