How to build rbfx?

I am a noob and I want to use c# with rbfx.
I am trying to build this engine from source code,but there are problems.
I am using vs2017 and I have installed .net framework 4.7.1-4.7.2.
But cmake point out it can not find dot net execute file.I don’t know what it is.I searched my computer but there was nothing called “dotnet.exe”.
So I installed .net 6.0,then I can add “dotnet.exe” filepath to cmake,then I can generate project with cmake.But vs2017 can not recognize .net 6.0.
Then I installed vs2022.
But it can not build eastl.lib.
I like this project and I really want to try it.So any advice please?
Thanks a lot!

When I build rbfx I encounter errors that I have to fix myself before it builds successfully, although I don’t recall the exact changes I made. It was simple stuff like missing includes.

Is there an error message being output when it fails to build eastl?

Thanks for your reply.
Here are errors.

Looks like the same error as reported here, with a suggested fix.