How to compile project for android?

I have a game project and I can compile it for iOS, but. I donot know how to compile it for android platform. Should I put it under Samples directory and compile it?

It’s not intended to be used like that, but currently that’s the easiest way for one to get it setup. I see whether I can find some time to finish off what I have started with before we prepare the 1.8-RC.

I managed to compile a game prototype for android, 48mb apk. Having the lib at URHO3D_HOME/android/urho3d_lib/build/…, I set up my project dir like this:

  • Copy the original android and buildSrc, gradlew script and related files from urho3d home dir, link Source and CMake dirs, write a CMakeLists.txt like dewcripted in the docs
  • Set up your own Data dir under android/launcher-app/…
  • Restore some header (.h) file links broken somewhere under android/… (look them up, can’t remember now which are those)
  • ./gradlew build
    Tell me if you succeded or don’t understand something…

The headers is part of the AAR (depends on how you build the library). Stay tune, it will be much easier than this :slight_smile:

I just created a new account in bintray/jcenter. Will figure out how to push the Urho3D AAR build artifact there.

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That’s pretty cool! .

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