How to convert C++ to ActionScript !?

Hi all,

I’m using Urho3D on RaspberryPi.
I’d like to convert this code (source) from C++ to ActionScript:

#include "common.h"
#include "main.h"
MyApp::MyApp(Context* context) : Application(context)
		engineParameters_["WindowTitle"] = GetTypeName();
		engineParameters_["FullScreen"] = false;
		engineParameters_["Headless"] = false;
		engineParameters_["WindowWidth"] = 1280;
		engineParameters_["WindowHeight"] = 720;
		engineParameters_["LogName"] = GetSubsystem<FileSystem>()->GetAppPreferencesDir("urho3d", "logs") + GetTypeName() + ".log";
		engineParameters_["RenderPath"] = "Bin\CoreData\RenderPaths\Forward.xml";
void MyApp::Setup()
        // Called before engine initialization. engineParameters_ member variable can be modified here
void MyApp::Start()
	Graphics* graphics = GetSubsystem<Graphics>();
	Renderer* renderer = GetSubsystem<Renderer>();
	ResourceCache* cache = GetSubsystem<ResourceCache>();
    // Called after engine initialization. Setup application & subscribe to events here
    SubscribeToEvent(E_KEYDOWN, HANDLER(MyApp, HandleKeyDown));
	scene1 = SharedPtr<Scene>(new Scene(context_));
	File sceneFile(context_, GetSubsystem<FileSystem>()->GetProgramDir() + "Data/Scenes/SceneA.xml", FILE_READ);
	scene2 = SharedPtr<Scene>(new Scene(context_));
	File sceneFile2(context_, GetSubsystem<FileSystem>()->GetProgramDir() + "Data/Scenes/SceneB.xml", FILE_READ);
    camera1Node = scene1->GetChild("cameraNode", true);
camera2Node = scene2->GetChild("cameraNode", true);

camera1 = camera1Node->GetComponent<Camera>();
camera2 = camera2Node->GetComponent<Camera>();

viewport1 = new Viewport(context_, scene1, camera1);
viewport2 = new Viewport(context_, scene2, camera2);

overlayRenderPath = SharedPtr<RenderPath>(new RenderPath());

renderer->SetViewport(0, viewport1);
renderer->SetViewport(1, viewport2);
void MyApp::Stop()
        // Perform optional cleanup after main loop has terminated
void MyApp::HandleKeyDown(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData)
        using namespace KeyDown;
        // Check for pressing ESC. Note the engine_ member variable for convenience access to the Engine object
    int key = eventData[P_KEY].GetInt();
    if (key == KEY_ESC)

How can I do this !?

Thanks for your time and support.


AngelScript (it is different languages :slight_smile: )

I’d like to convert this code

Most of the code converted from/to AngelScript line to line (only syntax difference), if you know AngelScript ofc

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only engineParameters_[] is command line parameters and should be set in *.sh launch file or in Data/CommandLine.txt

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Thanks @1vanK for your quick reply.

Two questions:

  1. How should I add the engine parameters to Data/CommandLine.txt ? Shall I edit them? Or copy exactly the same lines !?
  2. In order to convert C++ to ActionScript (or AngelScript ? I got confused !! Which is for Urho3D !!?), I just need to copy all the lines and change the syntax? Are there better and easier solutions !?


How should I add the engine parameters to Data/CommandLine.txt ? Shall I edit them? Or copy exactly the same lines !?

Write to Data/CommandLine.txt same that you are using for launch Urho3DPlayer

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