How to export models using Blender 2.80


Hi, can anybody tell me how to export .mdl file using blender2.8? thanks very much…


The Blender exporter hasn’t been updated for 2.8 yet, so your best option is to export to FBX or Collada, and use the asset importer to convert.

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See also:

Despite the change from layers to collections, objects - in a 2.80 file - can still be linked to files creates in earlier versions.


Just stay on 2.7 if developing for Urho3D
Edit: And yes I know I didn’t answer the question.
Edit2: Btw, I’m actually working on the exporter and try to add some features (not 2.8 yet. No priority to me)


ok,thank you for your advice.


The only problem is that once you start getting used to Blender 2.8, going back to 2.7 is like going back to a horse and carriage after getting used to driving a car :stuck_out_tongue:.


The Urho3D exporter add-on for Blender 2.80 is available from a dedicated branch in its main repository:

If it doesn’t load correctly read this comment by @dertom.


step 1: export from blender to fbx (using blender)
step 2: import model file from fbx (using AssetImporter)

animations are handled separately usually, but the skinned model, we do this in two steps and avoid all version conflicts