How to judge a chunk in Frustum?

hello ,
The game like minecraft, every frame should check many chunks.

I want to create and check chunks only in my view, in frustum.
how I get the matrix or infomatin about frustum to judge , when I use Urho3D.

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Don’t really understand your question.

Would it be enough to iterate through chunks and test wheter they are in the Frustum? Maybe add some grouping for speed, like Octree does.

I am so sorry for my bad english.
There is a abstract picture I draw:

describe : red line box is chunk,
And the chunks in blue area ,should be create and check .

the game dynamic generation chunks around camera.
those chunks on back of camera should not be create.
how I judge that.

sorry for my bad english again.

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Then… Frustum gives you an ability to check arbitrary box volume.
So you should just iterate through chunks and create the chunks inside/intersecting the Frustum.

oh, it may be I’m too persistent in performance .
thanks a lot.

Well, performance issues could be solved later by grouping chunks hierarchically, smth like 3D-quadtree.

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This is a good idea.

Also check Drawable::IsInView() to see if it meets what you need.