How to know scene node to be occluded?

Hi, developers?

How to know scene node 's staticmodel component to be occluded? Is there an event to send and be catched?


hi, i guessing that no such functionality to get result of software occlusion culling.
but earlier I create some crappy functionality in my fork to get query samples from batch when it doing rendering geometry. and it works fine except one thing i have to make “if” barricades and some kind query flag to getting samples not often, otherwise i gotten dramatically low fps.
I think need add special pre pass into engine mechanics to do query samples of objects into low-res depth buffer for HW occlusion queries, and all will be happy)

ps. term “occluded” is for drawables and not for nodes ) nodes may have within, few drawables each of them may be occluded by SW occluder or no

Check the Drawable IsInView() functions. Note that it could also return false because you’re facing away from it (AABB culling check failed instead of occlusion)