How to make a full dump of this forum?

Can anyone share a link to a database dump containing all the public posts and files on this forum? I would like to raise a completely local version on the same engine with the ability to search


Maybe we could use a wayback machine or archive site?

The best option would be for one of the admins to create a backup of the site and share it with us.

Without that, though, we can still get most of the data we want.

  1. Archive with all of the markdown content (replace /t/$SLUG with /raw, e.g.

  2. Archive of the json content (which has most/all of the visible metadata like likes and such, as well as the “cooked” markdown) from the threads (add .json to the end of the url to see what I mean).

It does not include the images/csv files that have been uploaded, etc.

The contents of the archives I have also pushed to the repository, if you wish to browse them online. Note that uploaded files will not be visible, as they use a special url that discourse translates.