How to move nodes along a path with waypoints?

is there an easy way to move nodes along a path with waypoints?

i’ve already tried ‘SplinePath’ but it needs other nodes as control points. what i’m searching is a way to use a collection of e.g. Urho3D::Vector3 as waypoints for the path.

imagine a 2d point and click adventure with a walkable area where you can send characters around. it would be a useful feature in combination with NavigationMesh::FindPath(…).

thanks for your reply. i knew this example already. i guess it should be possible to implement a component or so to manage a path and the movement for a node to be able to attach this behaviour/ability to a node. i will try to build such a thing…

I wrote a similar component for the project … r/Path.cpp but it is a highly specialized. It is not difficult to realize the component to fit your needs.

very cool. thank you for the link.

It should be remembered that is the old source. In some places you need rename defines (eg OBJECT -> URHO3D_OBJECT) and update Urho3dAl.h (