How to move weapon with camera


I’m new to Urho and I’m trying to creating an FPS game and i was wondering if anyone knows how you make the gun stay pointing towards the center of the screen when you rotate the camera node.

FPS Example

This is what I’m looking to do

if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Create the gun’s Node as a child of the camera node.

Is that enough information?

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@Modanung i tried that but the weapon seemed to disappear

Node* gunNode = mCameraNode->CreateChild("Gun1");
gunNode->SetPosition(Vector3(0.0f, 0, -5.0f));
gunNode->SetScale(Vector3(20.02f, .02f, .02f));

StaticModel* gunObject = gunNode->CreateComponent<StaticModel>();
RigidBody* gunBody = floorNode->CreateComponent<RigidBody>();

This is the code I am using to create the weapon

this looks like Unturned

Here you are moving the gun node back (possibly out of sight) and scaling it down to a horizontal line.

Also I don’t think your gun needs physics/rigidbody (as it’s being held).

I have removed the rigidbody and tried setting the position to both negative and positive howver it still does not appear.

It works perfectly fine when i make the box the child of the scene

Node* gunNode = mScene->CreateChild("Gun1");
gunNode->SetPosition(Vector3(0, 0, 5));      //gunNode->SetPosition(Vector3(0, 0, -5)); 
gunNode->SetScale(Vector3(1, 1, 1));

Are you sure the scale value of 20 isn’t too big ? Maybe the camera is inside the weapon.

Ive changed it to 1 and to .1f and it still doesnt show

Well i have some other ideas

  • Make sure your model’s pivot is correct.
  • Are the model show up if you create it as an independent node ? (child of scene)
  • Try to create it as a child of the camera but add some small code for moving the gun node with some keys in different directions (WASD perhaps and up down for Y movement.)

BTW i know how iritating this is… i had the same problem when i was making my fps controller. It takes time to adjust the rotation/position/scale offset

Ok so ive changed the model to the default box to rule out the models pivot being wrong.

The gun model and the box both show up when made a child of the scene

I used the code below to make the object move

gunNode->SetPosition(Vector3(gunNode->GetPosition().x_, gunNode->GetPosition().y_, gunNode->GetPosition().z_ + .01f));

I could not see any gun or box moving when using this as part of the camera child

My suggestion would be to use the editor - create node with camera component, add gun node as child, set models etc, and then just use handles to find right offset for the gun node. Note: when You select camera component in scene hierarchy, there is a small preview window in right-bottom corner.

After many hours i now feel stupid. I didn’t make the camera a child of the scene.

Fixing that fixed the model not appearing

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