How to release a game

I’ve got my game to a point where its playable and would like to let some people i know play it.

So i was wondering how you go about releasing a game for PC?


sorry Its late and i didnt word this correctly. However i was wondering how you make an exe that i can send to someone as use release mode in visual studio resulted in errors

Steam can help you sell games. But it will take 30% of your profit, but it’s the best choice for individual developers.

I’ve been doing a game that can be sold recently with Urho3d. I’m curious about what your game is. Can I play it after the release?

I should probably clarify, I meant how do i make an exe that i can send to people. I tried using Release Mode in Visual Studio but it gave me a lot of errors.

Well, you should first compile the urho3d Library in release mode, make sure that your linker uses urho3d.lib instead of urho3d_d.lib, which should be generated correctly.

What I normally do is to build the engine without any flags that might be involved with debugging support and any subsystems that I have no need. For example, -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="Release", -DURHO3D_PROFILING=0, -DURHO3D_NETWORK=0 and so on. I don’t know specifically about VS, but you can try passing the arguments into the batch file, like so

cmake_vs2017.bat -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="Release" -DURHO3D_PROFILING=0 -DURHO3D_SAFE_LUA=0 ...

And build the generated project again. Debug mode in VS is just a fancy name for putting the debug macros in your code (NDEBUG, for example), so you can also turn off the definition when invoking CMake (-DNDEBUG=0), and build the project without using the Release mode. Also you might be interested in the optimization flags, which can be passed to “EXTRA_CXXFLAGS” (here. Example: DEXTRA_CXXFLAGS="/O2"