How to render a viewport with alpha or transparent backgroun

hi,i’m new to Urho3D,before that i use unity3d.

right now i want to rewrite some of my game from unity3d to Urho3D.

in unity3d i use two camera,one for 2D with clear flag ‘depth only’,and one for 3d just normal.

well in Urho3D i don’t know how to make a viewport like this.i have seen 09_MultipleViewports example.
it shows me how to create two viewport,but i can’t find some function how to set the 2D,say the second viewport with transparent.
when rendering two viewport,the small one always render a rectangle area,and the empty area is always black.
i need the black area to be transparent just like unity3d did,so what shall i do?

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I think this problem has been discussed
here: topic756.html

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thank you,that works. :smiley: