How to set desired monitor for fullscreen on Linux?

I am running a dual screen setup and for some reason the Linux build of my Urho3D fullscreen application always starts on the secondary screen. This happens since Ubuntu 18.04 (currently 19.10) with the native Nvidia drivers. Everything is fine on Windows.
I have found this topic but unfortunately none of the suggestions worked for me:
Fullscreen Monitor Select
Are there any updates on that?

Just wonder, does other Linux app started in fullscreen also exhibit this problem?

I have tested some Steam games and a few native SDL/OpenGL games (e.g. Neverputt) which all start on the correct (i.e. primary) monitor.

It is a long shot but did you install “libxinerama-dev” package as one of the SDL2 (and hence also Urho3D) prerequisite? Our Linux prebuilt binary from CI is built with “libxinerama-dev”, so you can give the sample demo a quick try too to rule out whether missing “libxinerama-dev” is the root cause of your issue.


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